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The Capital Playbook 2023

Raising Assets in an Era of Rebalancing

Across the globe, allocators are reassessing and rebalancing their portfolios. Regardless of fund size, the desire to develop relationships and raise assets requires a renewed approach to branding, marketing and investor relations. Hedge funds that can effectively express their value proposition in this new regime are likely to develop new partnerships and strengthen their pre-existing relationships. The Capital Playbook 2023 provides key insights for marketing and investor relations strategy, talent, travel, and customized products.

June 8, 2023

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Progress Check on Emerging Markets

What Happens as Developing Markets Develop?

The world is going through a transitional period, and investors are revisiting their views of and exposure to emerging markets. There has been considerable change in the last decade, with geopolitical shifts, Covid closures, and emerging opportunities.  Whether it’s the rise of the Middle East, India’s population growth outpacing China, or China evolving into its own category – topics of discussion are endless. Progress Check on Emerging Markets unpacks latest investor sentiment and areas of interest in these rapidly shifting asset classes.

May 24, 2023

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Digital Health: Below the Surface

Digital health is the latest healthcare theme capturing investors’ attention. Data breakthroughs in life sciences have been around for decades (Think: CRISPR DNA editing), but our healthcare systems are going through a complete digital transformation in the wake of Covid-19. Digital Health: Below the Surface, unpacks the digital health universe, the institutional investor landscape, and how this area differs from other sub-sectors in life sciences.

April 10, 2023

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Uncertainty & the Value Proposition of Hedge Funds

In 2022, hedge funds had their best year of outperformance in over a decade. Investors are curious how hedge funds will navigate further volatility, uncertainty, and unexpected market events. The Value Proposition for Allocations to Hedge Funds investigates how managers have outperformed during market turbulence and what role they may play in allocators’ portfolios in the year ahead.

March 30, 2023

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Capital Raising in a Transition

The Road to 2025

Allocators are looking for the right partner for the next decade, with billions at stake. While PMs and risk managers remain laser focused on adapting portfolios to navigate rate rises, unpredictable markets and currency risk, marketing and IR decision makers are developing new strategies to build more enduring asset bases and LP pipelines. Capital Raising in a Transition addresses the people, policies and processes that are developing next generation asset growth and retention strategies.

March 8, 2023

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The State of Our Union 2023


Our 6th annual State of Our Union is different than anything we’ve done before... because it has to be. In the wake of the strongest hedge fund outperformance since the 1990s, hedge funds are both well positioned to navigate the current transition period and are looking for ways to build more efficient and tactical firms. We explore new operating efficiencies and how to get more agile with working capital by looking into emerging best practices across: operations, marketing and asset raising, talent development and the regulatory space.

January 25, 2023

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Capitalizing on Consciousness?

Innovative Mental Health Solutions

Our severe and growing mental health crisis impacts over a billion lives, with over $1 trillion in annual costs. The field of psychedelic medicine gives some investors hope we may be on the cusp of a mental health treatment breakthrough. Our latest piece explores this area of Biotech which has recently seen advances in drug development, institutional investment, and state legalization.

November 10, 2022

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Leor Shapiro

Global Head of Capital Intelligence

Ariel Deljanin

Business Consulting