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The State of Our Union 2023


Our 6th annual State of Our Union is different than anything we’ve done before... because it has to be. In the wake of the strongest hedge fund outperformance since the 1990s, hedge funds are both well positioned to navigate the current transition period and are looking for ways to build more efficient and tactical firms. We explore new operating efficiencies and how to get more agile with working capital by looking into emerging best practices across: operations, marketing and asset raising, talent development and the regulatory space.

January 25, 2023

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The State of Our Union 2022

After three strong years of asset raising and performance, leaders are taking stock of new levers to utilize and opportunities to grow their enterprise values, strengthen their organizations, and stand out in the competitive landscape. The latest State of Our Union takes a deep dive into how changes in capital markets and market structure are impacting investing and business building decisions in 2022.

February 9, 2022

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The State of Our Union 2021

After a momentous year that reshaped the globe and capital markets, we are using this State of Our Union to conduct a deep dive revisiting the pillars of the hedge fund industry. 2020 findings revealed why the industry may be one of the most exciting and vital for the coming decade – and could be the start of a new golden age of hedge funds. We explore what it means to launch, grow and manage an alternative asset firm at this start of a new decade, and how diverse tailwinds may shape the years ahead.

February 1, 2021

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The State of Our Union 2020

What could lie ahead in the next decade? As we head into 2020, we reflect on the market of the last decade, and wonder what could temper this run– a recession, correction or crash? We also explore why a shrinking pool of publicly traded companies may have impacted investors’ focus on the private market – and what implications that could have for product development. And finally, the future of content…Your administrator has a podcast, do you?

January 27, 2020

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The State of Our Union 2018: Too Much Information, Not Enough Intelligence

We’ve shifted from a landscape of scarcity and first-mover advantage to one of data ubiquity, where the winners emerge on the back of better navigating the data deluge. State of Our Union 2018 argues three forces will shape the next decade of hedge fund success: i) Capital intelligence, ii) Resource intelligence and iii) Organizational intelligence and we investigate the critical importance all three will play in a firm’s success.

February 26, 2018

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Leor Shapiro

Global Head of Capital Intelligence

Ariel Deljanin

Business Consulting