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Jumping into Fall with Current Employment, Regulatory, and Governance Updates

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Industry Insights:
  1. Focus on Employment. The current “war on talent” in addition to the various regulatory changes from state legislature has led funds to thinking about how they can navigate the current hiring and employment environment. Some top of mind items in this the everchanging landscape include:
    • State Guidance: Salary Transparency. New York and Illinois have both recently passed state legislature around salary transparency. The NYS law applies to positions that will not be physically performed in NY, but report to a supervisor, office or other worksite located in NY. Despite this, many clients have opted for a uniform versus patchwork approach across their organizations.
    • Hybrid for Talent. Where most industry organizations have evolved to a more “back in the office model,” some flexibility component is still part of the equation from a hiring and retention perspective. Return to office amenities such as wellness rooms, health centers, and commuter benefits are continuing to be leveraged.
  2. Enhancing Short Sale Disclosure. This October, the SEC finalized Rule 13f-2 and related Form SHO (Fact Sheet). This rule requires managers to submit monthly reports around short positions and short sales to the SEC. Funds will also have to produce calculations around “gross short positions” which are over the thresholds identified in the rule. The SEC will then aggregate the shorting data based on a monthly average. The effective date is set for mid-December.
    • Potential Solutions: Compliance and Software. The rule places additional reporting requirements, and operational considerations on managers. Questions remain around how the data will be aggregated however this will likely be different from the extent of reports in the EU on single name stocks. Some are considering additional compliance and software solutions for reporting and monitoring daily shorting.
  3. Cayman Regulatory Update. In April, CIMA released a set of rules including the Corporate Governance Rule, the Internal Controls Rule, and Statement of Guidance (SOG) which went into effect this October. These rules cover various types of businesses and many in our industry are trying to understand how they apply to hedge funds, more specifically their relationships with their board of directors and their firms governance structures.
    • Off the List. Cayman has been taking a strong stance and offering guidance around their AML/CFT policies. As of Friday, October 27th, Cayman is officially no longer on the FATF Grey List. The island is still on EU’s list however are making strides towards also being removed.
    • Getting On Board with Onshore. Overall, much of the new rule is solidifying already common industry practices. Annual conflict of interest declaration at manual board meetings is now required has been industry practice. Funds with no advisory board on the LP side will likely feel the most change.
    • Keeping Compliant. Managers can make additions to compliance manual to address issues make sure it makes sense and that it works for the fund. Additionally, they may reach out to their offshore law firms regarding the CIMA analysis required.

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Client Corner:

CRM Systems. In the current fundraising environment, many groups are exploring how a CRM system can help  them stay organized and create efficiencies in the marketing processes. There has been an increased preference for systems that cater to the alternative asset industry rather than the more generalist players in the space. These groups can often provide more specific fields and reporting which are specific to the hedge fund industry leading to less time spent on customizations. Additionally, we are seeing an increase in new launches consider this a day one initiative.

Spotlight on Content and Events:

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